Ursa delivers global economic insights to energy and financial enterprises, providing a reliable information source about areas of the world that are traditionally opaque.

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Ursa Energy Fundamentals Weekly Oil Storage Report

Reliable global weekly updates
Summary report & data feed

Use cases include: crude oil balance sheet, macro-economic analysis, systematic trading

Custom Monitoring Services

Monitor events worldwide as they unfold
Immediate delivery after processing

Examples include: refinery activity, new construction & repair, pipeline construction & repair

Ursa delivers valuable economic intelligence to decision makers. We make sense of space-based insights for enterprise customers. Our observations help analysts fill in the gaps when there are no readily-available sources of information. We specialize in reliably delivering results on a weekly or on-demand cadence.

What makes Ursa so reliable? We use space-based data from radar satellites as the source of our timely reports. Radar works through clouds and at night, allowing us to collect information about activities on the Earth rain or shine. Using our established network of suppliers, we can deliver information about anywhere on the Earth, every 12 hours.

Ursa was founded in early 2015 by leaders in the satellite and computer security fields with the vision of serving customers with valuable insights derived from satellite imagery.

Leadership Team

Adam Maher
Adam Maher
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Adam leads Ursa as its founder and President. He worked with SSL for 8 years where he served as a Principal Spacecraft Systems Engineer supporting Commercial and US business. Adam has a BS and MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.
Julie Baker
Julie Baker
Co-founder and Vice President of Operations
Julie leads Ursa’s growing data platform development team. She has 30+ years of experience in the software industry. Previously, as a VP/COO, she led advanced R&D and product development in computer security and information management. Julie has an MSCS from Stanford.
Derek Edinger
Derek Edinger
Co-founder and Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Derek leads Ursa’s business development and strategic partnerships. He has 20+ years of satellite industry experience was previously Director of Product Strategy and Development at SSL. Derek has a BS and MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.
Matt Wood
Matt Wood
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Matt was most recently Go-to-Market Lead at Google / Terra Bella where he led their team and strategy for satellite-imagery based products and analytics. Overall, he is a seasoned 20 year go-to-market executive in the geospatial intelligence sector with substantial leadership and international experience in product management, product marketing, and business development.
Colin advises Ursa on products and strategy for the commodities market. He is an industry recognized expert in commodities research, is managing partner at Blacklight Research, fellow at Columbia University, and was most recently managing director of global commodities research at J.P. Morgan.