Ursa Completes “River” Program through Rothenberg Ventures in San Francisco

Ithaca, NY – July 20th, 2016 – Ursa Space Systems Inc. (Ursa) announced today the successful completion of the two-month San Francisco-based “River” program through Rothenberg Ventures. The program accepted 18 companies and provides substantial seed+ stage investment to each company in the group.

This program follows initial investment raised by Ursa Space Systems in the fall of 2015. Rothenberg Ventures support has enabled Ursa to fully build out its data and analytics platform called Ursa Maps™ and continue development of its own proprietary satellites. This data platform is now fully functioning and in beta testing with both users and distributors. Ursa is accepting initial customers for early access to their commodities tracking data feeds at this time.

The River program is designed as a community to help expedite development in “Frontier Technology” companies. Because of this specialization, Rothenberg is well equipped to support the unique needs of these companies who have non-traditional business models. According to Adam Maher, Ursa founder and president, “Rothenberg Ventures has been a great partner. Beyond the investment, they provided and continue to provide tremendous support in terms of advice, mentoring, and networking which has enabled us to navigate the complexities of starting a business in Frontier Tech”.


Alec Mitchell, Market Analysis Lead, shows off Ursa Maps™ to a crowd of attendees

As part of the program, Ursa participated in two major events: “Founder Field Day” and “Demo Day” held in the middle and end of the two-month sprint. Founder Field Day was a showcase opportunity at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  In its third year, Founder Field Day has quickly gained notoriety among the frontier tech and venture capital community including being featured in HBO’s “Silicon Valley” television show. There were over 1,000 attendees at the event with a majority of them comprised of leaders in the Bay Area frontier tech and venture capital communities. This article details the event from last year, and the video below captures some great moments from the event this year.

The second major event, Demo Day, was a private pitch event that brought in over 150 investors from California and across the country. These investors came to hear about the progress each company has made and future fundraising opportunities with each River company.

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Adam Maher, Ursa President, shows off Ursa Maps left and gives a pitch to the event attendees right.


About Ursa 
Ursa is a US-based company in Ithaca, NY, founded by veterans of the satellite, radar, and software/data security industries. Ursa takes satellite radar imagery and processes it to extract information, which helps companies and governments make better decisions faster. Ursa’s data platform is accompanied by the company’s under-development satellite constellation which will be able to observe most locations on the earth every hour, even at night and through clouds.


About Rothenberg Ventures
Rothenberg invests in Seed+ stage startups and helps them grow. They serve their founders by supporting with strategic guidance, fundraising, hiring, connections, and co-working. Rothenberg launched River, a community that builds and supports Frontier Tech startups, and uses their deep network to break through bottlenecks.


If you would like to learn more about Ursa Maps™ or the data streams offered by Ursa Space Systems, email info@ursaspace.com with your inquiry.


Alec Mitchell
Lead Market Analyst
Ursa Space Systems Inc.