Life at Ursa

At Ursa, we tackle tough problems. We succeed where others have failed.  We work with the most cutting edge technology (yes, that includes satellites) in the pursuit of delivering real solutions to our customers. We believe that focusing on our customers and truly understanding their problems results in success for the entire team. We also believe that agility, collaboration and a focus on results creates the best environment for everyone’s success.  Come join a passionate and growing team that is making the world more transparent and changing the way organizations understand the global economy.


How We Work:


Our Benefits:


  • We tackle big problems – We aren’t afraid to take on what other, much larger companies, have failed to do.
  • We are agile – We fail fast and iterate quickly until we get it right.
  • We are customer focused – Solving real problems for real customers is what drives us.
  • We check our egos at the door – We are a smart, highly motivated team. But, other than now, you won’t hear us talk about it.
  • We are results focused – We are self-motivated, have a will to win and get things done. Best of all, we do it in a team-environment and with a spirit of collaboration.

At Ursa, we get to work with a great team, build solutions that matter and have fun doing it. On top of that, we offer fully paid medical, flexible vacation, shared season tickets to local sporting events, and a great quality of life (we live and work in awesome cities).


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