Custom Monitoring Services

Ursa delivers global economic intelligence to energy and financial enterprises, providing reliable information about areas of the world that are traditionally opaque.


                   Look anywhere in the world

At your request, we monitor key incidents as they unfold.

Discreet and reliable insight into worldwide activities

Be the first to know about events impacting your decisions, such as:

  • Facilities coming online that can move the market
  • Status of new construction or repair that could impact production or refinement

Follow changes in drill sites, pipelines, refineries, and storage facilities

Our Expertise and Analysis Techniques

Team of experts in Imaging Science and Intelligence Analysis

Combined 50+ years of experience in image exploitation and intelligence gathering

Analyses may include

  • Event progression analysis
  • Predictive outlook analysis
  • Area of interest assignment
  • Change detection

Analysis of satellite-based imagery combined with proprietary research

Single observation payable by credit card

Bundle pricing available

Ask to see a sample report!