Ursa Energy Fundamentals: Global Oil Storage Reports

Ursa’s Oil Storage Reports provide comprehensive weekly time series of oil stocks down to the tank level for a majority of the inventories on a regional basis. For many locations, such as China, this provides the first consistent and reliable data set on oil inventories.

“Ursa’s weekly measurements enable users to recalibrate their expectations about the current and future condition of China’s oil supply & demand.” – Colin Fenton, Blacklight Research



These weekly reports can be used as an anchor in calculating an “oil balance sheet”, or used as inputs in models that predict the prices of a wide range of commodities, currencies, equities, and other financial instruments. In addition to empirical measurements, Ursa provides contextual information such as tank owner and storage type (e.g., commercial stocks, strategic stocks).


“The main reason why Blacklight has been able to anticipate oil market changes so accurately in 2017 is because we are using Ursa’s data.” – Colin Fenton, Blacklight Research

Ursa’s Global Oil Storage Reports are available as Premium or Standard:

premium_reports standard_reports







Region # of Tanks Million Barrels Percent Coverage Contextual Information
China >1600 >900 >70% SPR vs. Commercial
Caribbean >250 >100 >85% Refinery vs. Non-Refinery
MENA >1400 >500 >50% Refinery vs. Non-Refinery
Europe (Beta) Contact us for details
APAC Coming Soon
Africa Coming Soon
Americas Coming Soon


Product Features:

Same tanks every week, guaranteed.
Delivered at 2pm UTC Thursdays.
Includes weekly data feed and PDF report per region.
Contextual information in Premium includes:

  • Tank Owners
  • Storage Type
  • Crude Confidence Level

Interested? For detailed product specifications, pricing, and to request a free trial: