Milestone: 30 Million SAR & Optical Images


Transforming pixels to insights requires a robust catalog of satellite data. Otherwise, analytic results become limited.

At its core, sourcing that satellite data can be daunting without the proper training or vendor latency.


Strength in Numbers

At Ursa Space, our catalog is the foundation for creating custom analytics and derived insights.

Our customers use these analytics to monitor their area of interest for up-to-date situational awareness.

To do this, we leverage relationships with an extensive network of vendors with a combined count of over 200 satellites in orbit.

Today, we celebrate a milestone of 30 million SAR and Optical images in our constantly-growing catalog.



Simplifying the Process

Our market research found that satellite data users spend up to 90% of their time in the ordering process.

The intent of Ursa Space’s Image Services is to reduce that time a customer spends waiting for a satellite image, and to simplify the experience.

We have the in-house processing expertise to quickly deliver multiple data formats into one common, vendor-independent format.


Meet the Virtual Constellation

Ursa Space’s virtual constellation comprises the world’s largest, most trusted network of SAR, optical, and RF satellite data providers around the globe.

We broker satellite imagery on behalf of our customers, giving these industry-leading providers greater visibility and the ability to reach new audiences.

“We’ve done something groundbreaking by abstracting the complexities of ordering satellite imagery and data, making it possible for customers to access the power of satellite intelligence to support their missions.”

Adam Maher, CEO and co-founder, Ursa Space Systems


Optical Catalog

Optical imagery is one of the most abundant satellite imaging types and very data rich.

It’s more familiar to the human eye, and used for monitoring countless environmental processes. Think agriculture, drought, urban mapping, deforestation, and more.

We’ve tripled our optical catalog in 2022, with a current total at 18.5 million images.

In October, the Airbus optical catalog alone contributed 5 million images to our catalog.

Coming soon to our catalog are optical video capabilities from providers like Satellogic and Planet for additional unique insights.


SAR Catalog

Less than a year ago, we celebrated 10 million SAR images in our collection.
As of today, our catalog contains 11.5 million SAR images.

That’s an average of 140,000 SAR images a month in the past 9 months or almost 5,000 SAR images per day.

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has a myriad of benefits, including ability to capture data day or night, regardless of weather or cloud cover.

This type of sensing can be especially useful for object and change detection, a mainstay in Ursa Space’s suite of analytic capabilities.

In its raw form, SAR data is oblique and harder to interpret for the untrained eye. Ursa sits at the software layer, using algorithms to process, catalog, and analyze SAR imagery.


How to Buy

The Ursa Platform: Search, order, and task single or small-batch collections from a catalog of 30 million SAR and Optical images. Visit to create a free account and pay only for the images you need.

Imagery-as-a-Service API: Integrate queries and ordering capabilities directly into your existing workflows. Download the info card.

Advanced Image Processing: Purchase bulk or recurring collections, or select processing capabilities like Two-Color Multi-view, Digital Elevation Models, and POV Projection. Get started.





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