Auto Industry Outlook: Chip Shortages & EVs

A shortage of semiconductor chips and explosive growth of electric vehicles emerged as arguably the two biggest stories in the global auto industry in 2021. The odds are strong that they will dominate headlines again in 2022. So, if you wanted to get ahead of the curve and know more about what’s happening, where would […]

SAR shines light on ‘dark’ Chinese ports

The timing could hardly have been worse for anyone trying to monitor ship congestion at Chinese ports, a topic of critical importance to understanding today’s global economy. One manifestation of this year’s supply chain chaos has been the record number of ships anchored outside the world’s busiest ports, a function of COVID-related factors leading to […]

Supply Crunch: Global Auto Manufacturing

What is the outlook for global carmakers in 2022? To answer this question about where the industry is headed next year first requires an understanding of where things stand today. Present conditions, as everyone is aware, have been defined by the semiconductor shortage, part of the larger story about supply chain disruptions upending businesses and […]

Ursa Space Joins the AWS Partner Network

ITHACA, NEW YORK (November 3, 2021) — Ursa Space Systems, a US-based satellite intelligence company, announced today it joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), a global community of businesses using AWS solutions and services. AWS provides Partners with extensive business, technical and marketing support, and offers assistance on sales opportunities, leveraging a […]

Oil Storage Product Undergoes Big Expansion

We wanted to reintroduce Ursa Space’s Global Oil Storage Product (OSP) following a major expansion of our coverage. With a dose of humility, we can proudly say we offer the most comprehensive view of onshore crude oil inventories in the market. No one else covers more tanks or barrels than we do. How do we […]

Supply Crunch: Global Energy Crisis

Record-high natural gas prices in Europe, fuel queues in the UK, electricity rationing in China. A global energy crisis has emerged, affecting the lives of billions, part of a much larger story in 2021 about the fragility of supply chains. It will take some time for the whole system to regain equilibrium, and until that […]

Website redesign reflects customer-focused strategy

Unless you’re a first-time visitor to this website, you may have noticed that we recently unveiled a brand new look and feel to the Ursa Space brand. The redesign was inspired by the decision to make our interfaces more elegant, but also to reinforce the role we play in the Earth Observation industry. We want […]

An eye on Hurricane Ida’s impact through satellite data

The destruction caused by Hurricane Ida was notable for its severity and breadth, stretching from the Gulf Coast to the US Northeast, leaving a devastating toll in its wake. How can you even begin to monitor such a storm, particularly as it unfolds? Obtaining information from the ground isn’t necessarily practical. It’s simply too dangerous […]

Inner Mongolia Dam Collapse Highlights Major Risk

On July 18, two dams in China’s Inner Mongolia collapsed after heavy rains battered the region, sending torrents of water downriver, causing severe flooding across farmland and forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes.