Billie Sims Joins Ursa Space as VP of Partner Programs


Billie Sims - VP of Partner Programs

As Vice President of Partner Programs, Billie Sims will be a trusted advisor for Ursa Space customer relations. With her understanding of complex customer requirements on both a business and technical level – she will support the Ursa organization to achieve winning solutions for our customers.

Billie joins the Ursa Space team after a 10 year stint at Hunter Communications, a company which provides satellite solutions for government, energy, broadcast, maritime and aeronautical sectors. Her primary focus here was the Government sector.

With an advanced skill set in anticipating the needs of our customers, Billie will be persistently exploring and uncovering the business needs of our key customers to understand how our product offering can grow their business. Her years of experience in the satellite industry will be invaluable in identifying solutions and expanding partnerships.


“With the strong response to the Ursa Partner Program, we quickly realized we needed someone with market savvy, exceptional customer relationship skills and proven ability to deliver. Billie is five stars in all of these categories and is well poised to bring this program and our customer’s abilities to the next level.”

Nicole Robinson, President


In the Partner Program, Ursa Space leverages our relationship with multiple satellite providers to task, receive, store, and process source imagery from a database of nearly 10 million SAR images. Billie will be instrumental in bringing in best in class talent to foster these relationships and expand our database of imagery.

Billie’s extensive knowledge of the satellite industry began over 20 years ago at CBS Affiliate newscast in Washington, where she produced live shots and scheduled satellite feeds. Billie subsequently worked for the video broadcast divisions of Washington International Teleport and Verestar, before joining SES Americom selling satellite capacity to both broadcasters and data service providers. At SES, Billie spearheaded government contracts and was pivotal in merging SES New Skies and Americom Government Services.


“While our platform will help Government users make better informed decisions more quickly, the people and the culture within Ursa Space truly make it special. I am excited for the opportunity to join the Ursa Space team.”

Billie Sims, VP of Partner Programs


Billie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and an Executive Masters in Business Administration from George Mason University.  She holds certificates in Satellite Engineering from George Washington University and Leadership from Rutgers University Center for Management Development.




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