Call for trial: Global Monitoring Subscription Services


How do you monitor key areas of the world to stay ahead of the events and topics shaping the planet?

What if your area of interest spans hundreds of miles, and requires detections on key indicators of change?

The starting point is satellite imagery, but imagery alone isn’t the answer. The size of the task is too large. A proper solution utilizes an automated approach to collect & analyze imagery, and deliver insights to a customer in a cost-effective method.

A new subscription type

Ursa Space is removing the obstacles by leveraging our unique relationships with satellite data vendors and Ursa’s trusted analytic algorithms to create an out-of-the box subscription service.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Global Monitoring Subscription Services.


How we do it

We have selected areas of strategic importance in widely-followed regions, and continuously collect satellite imagery over these hotspots.

We apply our proprietary analytics, including vessel detection, change detection and object detection to create data packages that are fully integrable into existing platforms. A customer can acquire the data via dashboard, AWS S3, and/or API.

By layering free data sets, archived imagery and background tasking, we can pass along reduced costs to our customers and still bundle high-resolution custom tasking, without compromising on value.

Get involved

We’re ready to begin subscription trials for a select group of early adopters. If that sounds like you, let’s arrange a time.




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