SkyFi Partners with Ursa Space Systems to Offer Advanced Global Oil Inventory Analytics


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SkyFi, the world’s geospatial hub, and Ursa Space Systems, a leader in satellite intelligence, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to bring comprehensive commodity products and insights to market. This partnership brings together SkyFi’s web and mobile apps with Ursa’s advanced satellite-derived analytics, addressing market-ready product initiatives around oil inventories and bulk commodity stockpile monitoring at globally significant sites.

Ursa Space Systems specializes in delivering satellite-based intelligence solutions, utilizing the world’s most comprehensive virtual constellation of SAR, optical, and Radio Frequency data. Their expertise in global monitoring and analytics, including oil storage assessment and environmental changes, is now enhanced through this partnership with SkyFi.

“I am thrilled that we’re partnering with Ursa to bring the Global Oil Inventory subscription product to the SkyFi platform. Their team has been a blast to work with and I love that our teams can each bring their respective skillset to the table for the mission of bringing this satellite data based analytics product to the masses,” Said Payton Barnwell, Product Manager of SkyFi’s analytics program.

SkyFi, known for its user-centric approach to making Earth observation more accessible, integrates these advanced analytics into its platform, offering users unparalleled insights into global oil inventories. This integration is aimed at a wide range of industries, including energy, finance, and government sectors, providing them with the tools to make informed decisions based on the most current and comprehensive data available.

“We’re both working to address the same problem: making data easily available,” said Chad Baker, Vice President of Commercial at Ursa Space. “And together we’re poised to set new standards in class leading insights and analytics. Partnering with like-minded companies like SkyFi is not just about combining our strengths; it’s an actualization of our shared visions to open satellite intelligence up to a larger audience.”

This partnership is a testament to the shared vision of SkyFi and Ursa Space Systems in enhancing global transparency and enabling better decision-making through the use of satellite technology. By combining their strengths, SkyFi and Ursa are set to deliver unmatched insights into oil inventories and bulk commodity stockpiles worldwide, contributing to more efficient and informed operations across multiple sectors.

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About SkyFi

SkyFi is revolutionizing the way we access and analyze Earth observation data. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, SkyFi provides an intuitive platform that empowers users to access a marketplace of Earth observation data and analytics tools, driving better decisions for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide.


About Ursa Space Systems

Ursa Space Systems is at the forefront of global satellite intelligence, offering a wide range of analytic solutions that detect real-time changes in the physical world. Their commitment to expanding transparency through their radar satellite network and data fusion expertise makes them a key player in the satellite intelligence industry.




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