Ursa Space Selected in AWS Space Accelerator for Space Pioneers


Ursa Space Systems will use AWS Cloud solutions to achieve faster delivery of imagery and derived analytic products to customers.

ITHACA, NEW YORK (June 11, 2021) — Ursa Space Systems (Ursa Space) today announced it has been selected to participate in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Space Accelerator, a program for space pioneers seeking to use AWS to help solve the biggest challenges in the space industry. This opportunity will support Ursa Space’s efforts to reduce time from customer request to delivery of results, as well as improve customer access to its offerings.

New for 2021, the four-week AWS Space Accelerator curriculum provides hands-on AWS Cloud and technical training, mentorship, coaching, and business support in collaboration with Seraphim, one of the world’s leading investment groups focused exclusively on the space industry, who will provide business development and investment guidance.

Ursa Space plans to use its collection of geospatial intelligence and Earth observation data to give customers quick analysis they can use immediately. From Ursa Space Systems’ perspective, the launch of the Seraphim-supported AWS Space Accelerator program could not be better timed. In the past few weeks, Ursa Space has been engaging with AWS on opportunities that will further develop its AWS-enabled cloud capabilities. The support offered by the AWS Space Accelerator has the potential to serve as an ideal complement to these efforts.

The ability to provide near real-time access to satellite-based insights is a disruptive technical milestone of great interest to both commercial and government customers. In the context of this joint proof of concept, the Ursa Space team looks forward to participating in the AWS Space accelerator and to leveraging its multitude of resources and connections to the fullest extent.

“We have no doubt that the holistic programming being offered will help propel Ursa Space to the next level. We’re grateful to have been selected, and for the opportunity to leverage the guidance of AWS and the Accelerator to get our satellite insights into the hands of users even faster,” says Nicole Robinson, President of Ursa Space.

As one of 10 companies chosen for this opportunity, Ursa Space will receive up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credit, AWS Cloud training and support, mentorship, and additional business development resources including opportunities to speak with space-savvy venture investors.

“AWS looks forward to collaborating with our finalists to advance their inspiring vision for transforming how we understand, operate in, and benefit from space,” said Clint Crosier, director of the Aerospace and Satellite business at AWS. “Congratulations to our finalists, who were selected from hundreds of impressive startups from across the global space industry. The cloud is uniquely suited to spur the success of space companies in so many ways, and we are excited to help these companies achieve their biggest goals.”

Proposals were judged on several factors including the innovative and unique nature of the project, the overall value the solution will bring to the space industry, the creative application of AWS to solve problems, and the team’s ability to deliver on its specific mission.

For more information on the AWS Space Accelerator, visit https://seraphim.vc/aws/accelerator/.

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