Ursa Space Systems Announces Availability of Global Oil Storage and Auto Manufacturing Index on Google Cloud Analytics Hub


Ursa Space’s solution gives customers the ability to monitor global economic trends with data derived from satellite imagery, updated on a weekly basis.

ITHACA, NY, April 18, 2022 — Ursa Space Systems, a global satellite intelligence infrastructure provider, today announced that Global Oil Storage and Auto Manufacturing Index datasets are available through Google Cloud’s data exchange, Analytics Hub, which is now available in public preview. The offering will provide businesses seamless access to satellite-derived data via the Crux data integration platform.

“As external data becomes more critical to organizations across industries, the need for a unified experience between data integration and analytics has never been more important. We are proud to be working with Google Cloud to power the launch of Analytics Hub, feeding hundreds of pre-engineered data pipelines from hundreds of external datasets including Ursa Space,” said Dan Lynn, SVP Product at Crux.

“The sharing capabilities that Analytics Hub delivers will significantly enhance the data mobility requirements of practitioners, and the Crux data integration platform stands ready to quickly integrate any external data source and deliver on behalf of Google Cloud and its customers,” Lynn said.

“We are persistently monitoring over 1,000 locations globally and extracting insights into prepared downloads available on a weekly basis” said Adam Maher, CEO and co-founder of Ursa Space. “By partnering with Crux and Google Cloud, we’re able to provide these insights to customers in a way that allows them to hit the ground running instantaneously.”

Customers can access these market specific data and insights in just a few clicks within Google BigQuery, which can then be easily embedded into users’ analytics and machine learning workflows.

“Access to data, like the satellite imagery provided by Ursa Space, is crucial to modern business. By bringing its satellite imagery data to Google Cloud Analytics Hub, Ursa Space is providing greater access and insight into its growing datasets for customers with BigQuery, ultimately helping power better business decisions,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud.

To learn more about Ursa Space’s ready-made subscription datasets, please visit Ursa Space or get started with Analytics Hub on Google Cloud today.




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