Veng Joins Ursa Space Virtual Constellation, Commercializing Imagery from SAOCOM Satellites


WASHINGTON, D.C – MARCH 23, 2022 – Ursa Space Systems, a global satellite intelligence infrastructure provider, has announced today at the Satellite 2022 conference that Veng, a technology and services company designated by Argentina’s space agency (CONAE) to market SAOCOM imagery, will join its Virtual Constellation.

The addition of Veng enhances Ursa Space’s Virtual Constellation, the world’s largest one-stop shop for commercial satellite imagery comprising multiple SAR, RF, and optical vendors. Ursa Space customers can now search and order SAOCOM satellite imagery, all within a centralized platform.

CONAE´s SAOCOM constellation consists of two quadruple polarization interferometric L-band SAR satellites, which observes Earth’s surface day or night, regardless of weather conditions.

Veng offers L-Band SAR imagery that is especially beneficial for estimating soil moisture in tropical agricultural zones with dense vegetation cover. This is the first time L-Band SAR imagery will be available for tasking and delivery within 24 hours on the Ursa Space Virtual Constellation.


Ursa Space and Veng signed an agreement within the framework of the Satellite 2022 conference in Washington, DC., which allows imagery from the SAOCOM radar satellites to be marketed worldwide. From left to right: Natalia Varela (Veng), Adam Maher (Ursa Space), Eric Cote (Ursa Space), Adriån Unger (Veng), Nicole Robinson (Ursa Space). 
Photo credit: Steven David


“The addition of Veng imagery, especially L-Band frequency, gives our Virtual Constellation a level of diversity that is particularly noteworthy for the agriculture industry,” said Adam Maher, CEO and co-founder of Ursa Space. “With more opportunities for real-world applications, this partnership will accelerate the position of both companies across many market verticals.”

“We believe that this agreement is very important for our country, for CONAE and for VENG because it involves signing with a leading US company in the satellite information market. Ursa Space’s distribution technology is highly advanced since it allows different types of information to be consulted simultaneously on the same geographical area”, explained Adrián Unger, Manager of Satellite Information at VENG.

“Being part of their distribution platform will allow the information generated by SAOCOM to reach customers and niches in a much faster and more effective way,” added Unger.



About Ursa Space:

Ursa Space is a global satellite intelligence infrastructure company that provides business and government decision-makers access to on-demand analytic solutions. Through our radar satellite network and data fusion expertise, Ursa Space detects real-time changes in the physical world to expand transparency. Our subscription and custom services enable you to access satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.

Ursa Space holds the world’s largest Virtual Constellation of satellite imagery from the most trusted SAR, optical, and RF data vendors around the globe. Within the Ursa Platform, users can access all of the imagery in each provider’s archives and pay only for the imagery they wish to use.

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About VENG: 

VENG is a high value-added technology services and development company, specializing in space activities. With more than 15 years of experience, and a current payroll of 460 collaborators, VENG participates in strategic projects of the Argentine National Space Plan, such as the development of launch vehicle prototypes for access to space and the integration and testing of satellite components, among which stand out, the radar antennas of the SAOCOM satellites.

On the other hand, it is dedicated to the operation of two earth stations in the country, in the provinces of Córdoba and Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, and also satellite mission control centers. VENG has the exclusive worldwide representation of the products of CONAE’s SAOCOM mission in the market of satellite information for Earth observation. At the corporate level, VENG is constituted as a public limited company with majority state participation through CONAE.

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