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Crude Oil Inventories

What impact did COVID-19 restrictions have on the global oil market as traders and analysts grappled to understand the true nature of this unprecedented event?

Ursa Space’s Oil Storage Product measures the amount of oil in storage around the world, serving as a powerful gauge of the supply-demand balance.

Our data showed concerns that the world’s oil storage tanks were nearing full capacity were overblown, setting the stage for an eventual recovery in oil prices.


Auto Manufacturing Index

How did the shortage of semiconductor chips hurt auto manufacturers who rely on these parts to make finished vehicles?

Ursa Space’s Auto Manufacturing Index captures vehicle production trends that can be used to analyze performance by car maker and/or by country.

An unusually steep decline in China’s AMI after a long period of stability preceded economic data showing a manufacturing slowdown related to semiconductor chip shortage.


Oil Spill Detection

A bulk carrier struck a coral reef off the coast of Mauritius, leaking oil into the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, resulting in an environmental disaster.

Ursa Space detects the presence of oil in water, pinpoints the exact location of the spill, and continues to monitor situation, providing real-time updates along the way.

Our real-time analysis of the spill’s location was relayed to emergency response crews in Mauritius and covered by international media outlets.

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We use SAR to track activity at auto manufacturing facilities around the world, turning the results into indices that allow for comparisons by company name and country.

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