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We continuously monitor sprawling infrastructure that is vulnerable to damage using cost-effective and efficient methods. You can reduce risks through proactive steps and respond faster when disruptions occur.


Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring

How can pipeline operators monitor activity taking place in their flanking right-of-way corridors to maintain safety protocols?

Ursa Space identifies significant clusters of change along the pipeline route, triggering more granular analysis and verification.

Our method represents a cost-effective solution for pipeline operators who face the daunting task of keeping tabs on tracts of land that stretch for thousands of miles.


Storm Response

How can electric utilities and insurance companies respond faster to major storms that cause serious damage to property and infrastructure?

Ursa Space determines locations likely to have sustained the worst storm damage without having to wait until weather conditions improve to provide an initial assessment.

Having information on the worst-hit areas enables emergency crews and personnel to deploy more efficiently, resulting in better service and lower costs.


Flood Mapping

What was the extent of flooding in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian struck the region and caused severe destruction?

Ursa Space creates detailed and timely flood maps using SAR to ensure reliable delivery even amid the storm when coverage from the ground or air is essentially impossible.

Our flood map captured the impact of Hurricane Dorian capturing Grand Bahama before, during and after the storm.

What am I looking at?

We apply SAR to automatically detect land-use changes that may occur close to a pipeline in Texas, flagging unusual clusters that can be further investigated.

Across our market verticals we have proudly provided services for:

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Data Marketplace

We are persistently monitoring over 1,000 locations globally and are extracting insights into ready-made datasets.

Oil storage
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Ursa Space Platform

Our SAR imagery catalog browser enables you to easily source imagery from around the globe.

  • Set up custom scenarios to access our always-on virtual constellation.
  • Run analytics to illuminate dynamics in behavior on Earth

Product Catalog

We have a suite of satellite infrastructure services that are configurable for your application.
  • Advanced SAR Image Processing
  • Change Monitoring Services
  • Image Services
  • Custom Analytics



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