Track movement of people and goods over the water

We provide unprecedented transparency into the whereabouts of vessels, their behavior at sea and related onshore activities. You can have a holistic view of the waterborne movement of goods.


Venezuela’s “Dark” Oil Tankers

How much oil is Venezuela exporting onboard “dark” tankers to disguise shipments in the face of US sanctions?

Ursa Space focused on a major Venezuelan port to try and detect ships in which captains shut off AIS transponders (i.e., gone “dark”), in addition to examining oil inventory data for signs of increased exports.

A custom data platform visualized our results, revealing the presence of dark ships, which combined with significant declines in oil inventories, strongly suggested an uptick in the use of dark ships by Venezuela to export oil.


Fighting Illegal Fishing

How can authorities augment existing capabilities to identify and interdict illegal fishing incidents, despite the widespread practice of ship captains turning off AIS transponders?

Ursa Space can monitor fisheries to detect “dark” ships present in restricted areas or to help identify ships that may be engaging in unreported or unregulated activities.

Our service provides a scalable solution that is necessary considering illegal fishing accounts for approximately 30% of all fishing activity worldwide.


Ship-to-Ship Transfer

Determine whether a specific vessel is transferring its cargo to another vessel even if one or both ships have turned off their AIS transponders.

Ursa Space can track the vessel-of-interest to the location where the ship-to-ship (STS) transfer occurs, using SAR if necessary to detect and identify the dark ship(s).

This service provides a fuller understanding of global shipping flows because STS transfers occur frequently around the world for logistical reasons.

What am I looking at?

Measures change from every angle, quantifying it’s strength, direction, and time range. Learn more about how our Port Monitoring Dashboard detects and track ships that have gone “dark”.

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