Ursa Energy Fundamentals: China Oil Storage Report

Ursa’s China Oil Storage Report is┬áthe first consistent and reliable data set on China’s oil inventories. This information allows users to gain more insight on the Chinese oil market and better understand its effect on the global markets. Let us know below or email us at sales@ursaspace.com if you are interested in evaluating or learning more about this product!

Ursa’s weekly measurements enable users to recalibrate their expectations about the current and future condition of China’s crude oil supply & demand.” – Colin Fenton, Blacklight Research


  • 75% of China’s oil tank capacity (>800 Mbbls) directly observed weekly
  • 100% Strategic Petroleum Reserve tanks measured
  • 70% Commercial stocks measured
  • Summary report and tank-by-tank datachinaMap
  • Delivered 2 p.m. UTC Wednesday weekly by email
  • The same tanks every week – guaranteed!


china oil storage




Additional Context:

Company Name – Owner of tank

Crude – Confidence classification on tank contents (i.e. Yes, No, Probable, Unconfirmed)

Storage Type – Strategic Petroleum Reserve or Commercial


Oil Storage Use Cases:

  • Crude oil balance sheet
  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Systematic trading
  • Predictive stock models

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