We provide satellite intelligence infrastructure, powered by a growing catalog of eleven million SAR images from the world’s largest virtual radar satellite constellation.

Search + Task Imagery

We utilize our vast SAR and EO partner satellite constellation network to acquire imagery of anywhere in the world that matters to you. SAR collections offer the ability to monitor changes any time of day or night and cut through cloud cover that covers 67% of the Earth at any time. Just want imagery? LET'S TALK.

Process + Analyze

With our expertise in how to translate SAR data into standardized formats, we analyze the patterns of earth at a deeper level, understanding behaviors over time and fusing data to understand change in a multi-faceted way.

Easy to Use

We parse the enormous compilation of data to deliver insights for you. From live dashboards, to custom geospatial intelligence, our solutions give you access to the best technology in a simplified format.

Global Security

Analyzes patterns in critical locations to power change detection in uncharted territory.

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Evaluates physical economic indicators and the environment to inform strategic choices.

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Uncovers patterns onshore and offshore for holistic insight into vessel activities.

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Reveals patterns and coverage in asset areas to power your services forward.

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Take action with our products

Data Marketplace

We are persistently monitoring over 1,000 locations globally and are extracting insights into ready-made datasets.

Oil storage
Auto manufacturing index
Port monitoring

Ursa Space Platform

Our SAR imagery catalog browser enables you to easily source imagery from around the globe.

  • Set up custom scenarios to access our always-on virtual constellation.
  • Run analytics to illuminate dynamics in behavior on Earth

Product Catalog

We have a suite of satellite infrastructure services that are configurable for your application.
  • Advanced SAR Image Processing
  • Change Monitoring Services
  • Image Services
  • Custom Analytics

Our Network

We partner with the most trusted SAR, optical, and RF satellite data vendors around the globe.

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Live count of Ursa Space’s SAR + Optical imagery/data catalog

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