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The ability to provide near real-time access to satellite-based insights is a disruptive technical milestone of great interest to both commercial and government customers. Ursa Space is proud to partner with AWS to leverage a multitude of resources and connections to the fullest extent.

SPEED is an essential component for solutions involving dynamic environments, such as national security, vessel tracking and disaster response.

Satellite imagery is uniquely situated to provide answers, but only if the results arrive fast enough. AWS has built the infrastructure to meet this challenge. The AWS Ground Station integrated with AWS Cloud Services significantly compresses delivery times, allowing the satellite data industry to address new use cases.

Dark Ships

The South China Sea can be effectively monitored, even when ship captains turn off their transponders in these strategic waters. Ursa Space, in collaboration with HawkEye 360 and Capella, can generate a Tip and Cue workflow based on RF signals and SAR imagery.

Border Monitoring

At the AWS Summit Washington, DC, Ursa Space co-presented a talk describing how remote sensing technologies can provide ground-truth information helping to deescalate tension along the India-China Border. The disputed region dividing India and China has been the scene of occasional conflict, raising concerns that the situation could worsen.

Ursa Space at AWS Summit, Washington DC, September 2021

Disaster Response

Satellite imagery data can assist emergency crews and utilities after a major storm. Information on exactly where the worst damage occurred can speed up response times. This map reveals the extent of flooding near New Orleans after Hurricane Ida.


Ursa Space wants to make the insights gained from satellite imagery accessible to a wide audience. Our work with AWS helps us achieve that goal. We began listing several of our products on AWS Marketplace and joined the AWS Partners Network.

Get easy access to our Auto Manufacturing Index, Global Oil Storage, and Port Monitoring datasets from the AWS Marketplace.

On AWS Space Accelerator

“We’re grateful to have been selected, and for the opportunity to leverage the guidance of AWS and the AWS Space Accelerator to get our satellite insights into the hands of users even faster.”

Julie Baker

COO, Ursa Space

On the AWS Partnership

“We detect changes on earth using satellite imagery, and turn the results into APIs that can now be made available to the large number of Cloud users in the AWS Partner Network”

Adam Maher

Founder and CEO, Ursa Space

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