SAR Image Ordering Now on Ursa Space Platform


Gone are the days of long lead times to simply acquire satellite imagery. As of today, users in the Ursa Platform can search, select, and pay for a satellite-derived SAR image, all within our site. Accounts are free to set up, and users only pay for the images they wish to use.

Ursa Space’s market research found that users spend up to 90% of their time in the ordering process, from first engaging with a satellite analytics platform, to the final step of receiving an analytical result.  To accommodate the non-API users of the Ursa Platform, a suite of e-commerce tools enhanced for searching and ordering is a must.

It has always been the mission of Ursa Space since our launch in 2014 to get satellite imagery into as many hands as possible. Better yet, to reduce the time from tasking to analytic results.

“Now that we have 10 million images in our archive, our catalog becomes one coherent platform to look at changes on a big picture scale. But now you have to do something with that image. With this new feature, we’re connecting the wealth of the archive with the ability for analytics, for standardization, and most importantly for bringing additional meaning to our customers.” — Ursa Space co-founder and CEO Adam Maher

Our main focus for this endeavor was to reduce the time a customer spends waiting for a satellite image, and to simplify the experience for these potential customers. With more satellite data at the ready, accessibility is no longer only for the few.


Our new a-la-carte feature enables you to:

  • Draw custom areas of interest on map interface
  • Specify date range as far back as 2008
  • Browse results
  • No subscription or contract required
  • View selected images in shopping cart
  • Place order
  • Trust our secure payment interface
  • Make a single payment for multiple items
  • Get an email confirmation when your order has been submitted successfully
  • Specify the format of your image delivery
  • See the prices for all processing options for a no-surprise checkout experience.
  • Verify the images meet your project criteria by viewing the metadata
  • Provide instructions or notes with an image order so Ursa can process to your specs
  • Contact us whenever you need help
  • Receive final confirmation via email, with instructions for retrieving ordered items. Have a record of your order, information for next steps, and a point of contact

“There are incredible companies and individuals building their own platforms and solving industry-specific problems. The only missing piece was the right tools to fully utilize SAR imagery,” Adam said. “The Ursa Platform plays that critical role, and allows the SAR community to continue to expand and reach new audiences.”

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