Task Future SAR Image Collection in the Ursa Platform


February 2022 marked our launch of the Ursa Platform, which unveiled an archive of over 10 million SAR satellite images available to purchase directly from our site. Today, we’re happy to announce that Platform users now have the ability to task new images for future collection.

This feature of new tasking is particularly helpful for individuals with specific imagery needs, but not enough demand for costly annual contracts. Parameters for placing a new tasking order are simple, and completely customizable by time, location, and imaging mode. The Platform also provides transparency on exact pricing of imagery costs, with clear tasking timelines to show when the image will be available.

In addition, users are still able to search and explore the archive catalogs of Ursa’s SAR vendors, which helps in eliminating redundancies with new tasking. Features from our initial release still remain, like the ability to view pricing information and place orders via credit card or enterprise account for images in these catalogs.

Accounts within the Platform are free to create, whether tasking future images or ordering from the archive, and users pay only for the images they wish to use.

While some vendors provide their own interfaces for their constellations, Ursa is able to provide customers with the increased likelihood of successful collection thanks to the vastness of our Virtual Constellation and unified pricing across multiple vendors, all through a familiar e-commerce interface (and API).

Ursa Space is dedicated to promoting accessibility to satellite data. Our approach is revolutionary for the industry in two ways. We allow customers to access our services and products directly, rather than through a third-party. We also offer free accounts and only collect payment once a user purchases a specific product.

“After we launched the Ursa Platform earlier this year, the enthusiasm from customers for this product confirmed our belief that there was demand for an intuitive interface to browse, order, and download satellite imagery,” said Meg Eckensen, Ursa Space’s Director of Product, Marketing, and Experience.

“This new release puts even more capabilities in the users’ hands. Customers can now task satellites from our Virtual Constellation to collect imagery based on the parameters of their choosing, without being bound to an annual contract.”


  1. Fill out new tasking request form
  2. Review order and add custom notes
  3. Submit payment info through Stripe (charged upon delivery)
  4. Receive order confirmation details




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